Monday, May 20, 2013

Got My Mission Call: SYKE!

Welp, you could imagine my anticipation Friday morning as I skipped over to the mail box, slowly opened it up for dramatic effect, looked inside and there was NO CALL! Just a bunch of advertisements.

Huge let down.

No need to fret though, I should be expecting my mission call THIS Friday :)
Many people asked me if I was like devastated it didn't come...uhm no haha. Yeah it would have been convenient to get my call on Friday, but I'm getting a mission call! That is all that matters to me!

Heavenly Father likes to teach me patience constantly so I should have seen this one coming. I think I handled the situation pretty well. No tears. No bitter feelings. No anxiety. Usually I'm a total mess because let's face it I'm kind of a control freak. Just smiles :)

Because even if I had to wait a month I would still be happy.
I'M GOING ON A MISSION! The fact that I am going is a miracle all on its own.

The Lord blesses us for our devotion, patience, and postivity.
Satan is going to throw MANY MANY trials in our way, but with the help of Christ we can conquer anything.

I love this Gospel.

Being a missionary girlfriend is hard too. To quote Maroon 5 "its not always rainbows and butterflies." And sometimes Satan likes to fill our heads with doubts, fears, and questions. Sometimes they are reasonable and sometimes they are irrational. Either way, learn to recognize where these questions are coming from. For me I'm usually in a bad mood or depressed or mad or PMSing (it happens).

I've never had a serious doubt when I've been praying and studying my scriptures and been in tune with the Spirit. This takes patience ladies. Its not always easy. But our Savior understands and He will help us if we turn to Him.

Have a great week ladies!






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