Monday, August 11, 2014

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Waited for a Missionary

Its been hard trying to keep up this blog since I feel like I have almost graduated from this stage of my life. Waiting was the best thing I ever did because I was waiting for my husband. I grew so much and learned what true sacrifice was. Although, it wasn't always easy and I wish someone would have prepared me for it more. So I have created a list of the 10 things I wish someone would have told me before I started waiting for a missionary.

1. There is a Facebook page that will literally keep you sane. 
Please join (if you aren't currently a member) Waiting For A Missionary. It's essential.

2. No one's relationship is perfect.
Often times I found myself envying other girls' relationships with their missionaries. Understand that there is always more than what meets the eye. No two people are the same and your missionary just won't be the same as someone else's.

3. It's okay to not to be okay. 
Don't feel like you always need to be strong. Or that you aren't allowed to miss your missionary. Just because your roommates don't understand doesn't mean that you are pathetic or not allowed to mourn.

4. It's okay to move on.
Its okay if you one day you find yourself not really missing your missionary. Just because he is gone does not mean that you have to be miserable every day. It is okay to live your life and have a life that does not include him. It might seem foreign at first, but waiting is the perfect time to really get to know yourself and do the things you've always wanted. Go to China and teach, go on your own mission, start an internship, start your education, get involved in a club. SERIOUSLY JUST DO SOMETHING.

5. These two years aren't about you.
Or your missionary. Or your relationship. It is about the Lord. This is His work. It has always been about Him and it always will be about Him. I gained a true understanding of this when I served my own mission, but you don't have to serve full-time to know that missionary work really has nothing to do with your relationship with your missionary. That being said (sorry if it was kind of harsh).

6. Don't be offended.
Your missionary didn't send you a letter this week. He didn't send you a package for your birthday. It is okay. Sometimes as a missionary you really just don't have time because there is so much work to be done. Never be offended if your missionary doesn't live up to expectations you set for him. HE LOVES YOU. And he is becoming a better man by serving the Lord.

7. Don't be pressured.
I felt a lot of pressure to be the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful, creative missionary girlfriend out there. This led to endless night of me just crying because I felt like my missionary would fee like I didn't love him. I learned that thoughtful, lipstick kissed letters meant a lot more than packages full of candy.

8. It is okay not to wait for a missionary.
I feel like there is a lot of pressure put on girls to wait. And if you don't wait suddenly you are the worlds biggest sinner. WRONG. SO WRONG. Let me remind every one that the only reason you should wait for a missionary is if you think he could potentially be your husband. If you find someone while your missionary is gone that is better suited for you, then please don't feel like a bad person dating. Dating is okay when under the guidance of the Lord.

9. Couple's who pray together stay together. 
You are totally allowed to be a part of your missionary's work. Pray for the people that he is teaching. Add them on Facebook. Make friends with people on his mission. Seriously nothing bring greater happiness. Also ask your missionary what your can pray or fast for them. They will really appreciate it.

10. It is actually really hard waiting for a missionary.
I know that being a missionary girlfriend can almost look appealing, but its actually really hard. You are going to feel lonely. You are going to miss your missionary more than anything. It will really feel like they died and then suddenly come back to life for an hour once a week. But with that being said, it really is possible. Any one can do it if they really want to. Sure it takes a long time, but the wonderful thing about time is that it will always keep going. Two years really does go bye and you really can be reunited with your missionary.

Welp. That is all for now.

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Remember ladies:

Keep Calm and Wait On! 

Carly Kozak

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Reluctancy to Blog

My dearest apologies to my most prized possession (my missionary girlfriends).
I have abandoned you. Ignored my duties to you as an older sister and RM marrier.
I must admit being a new wife is really hard.
It comes with many responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc...
And I top of that I work part time and on top of that I am taking online classes.
LIFE IS HARD. But wonderful. I mean hello I married my RM.

I found that blogging has come to the very bottom of my list.
But today I decided it should be at the top.


Not that my life is interesting but I am starting a new blog!
Stay tuned for the link to it :)
I am really excited about this one.

Advice with Caa:

I still receive the most precious heart warming emails and messages.
You are all so cute and dear to my heart.
You each have a unique story, your own set of fears, goals, and expectations.
But you all love your elders. 
You are all so devoted.
So I decided to make a quick post to hopefully uplift you girls.

Hold onto those dear treasured memories. Keep holding onto those sweet kisses, those tender secrets, those special moments only you two experienced. Keep holding his hand throughout his mission. But do not hold onto the whole past. The past is something to be cherished; not lived in. Live in the now, in the emails, in the letters, in the packages, in the work. This is your new life and you embrace it. The best advice I can give you today is hold onto this time apart. Its so special. I often miss writing my missionary, sharing those baptisms with him, waiting every day at that mail box. My heart often drops each time I see a mailbox, because the anticipation of getting a letter from my love is long gone. So enjoy it. Cherish it. And make the best out of this mountain.

Love you all and I pray for you each night.

Keep Calm & Wait On

Carly Kozak

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Keep Calm and Wait On TSHIRTS!

I am happy to feature this PERFECT shirt on my blog. You need to buy them HERE
Hurry! They only have one week left and if they don't all get sold they won't reproduce.
The Casie McClearen. who created these, is raising the money so she can go 
teach English in Russia.
Help support her!

And remember:

Keep Calm & Wait On

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Engagements

Taylor and I were privileged to have our engagements taken by one of our dearest friends Nicolette Deluca. She has 
taken my pictures for numerous things in the past and always surprises me with the quality of work she creates. I feel so 
comfortable around her and I recommend her for any one in the Southern California area looking for a photographer. 

Perhaps I'll make a post with other pictures she has taken for Taylor and I...

But enough about Nic: look at this handsome man I am marrying!
I have spent years dreaming over the day we got to take our engagements:
Where it would happen. What we would wear. How it would feel. 
It was perfect. 
I am so smitten with the idea that I get to have this man for eternity. 
I love you & you love me "with all our perfect imperfections"

Ladies one day this will be you, trust me it sneaks up on ya. It happens, you live THIS moment. And then its gone. 
So when the weight of loneliness or uncertainty crashes down on you


Keep Calm & Wait On


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

" Love One Another As I Have Loved You "

As I have been planning my wedding, I've realized that I have become my 
worst nightmare: a Bridezilla. I swore I would never be the controlling, 
ungrateful, inflexible fiance and here I find myself. Getting upset over too 
much money, not the right shade of purple, or uncooperative family members. 
My fiance and I were fighting. Getting annoyed at almost everything we said to 
each other. We were way too sensitive. That is when it hit me: I'M GETTING MARRIED.

Why am I freaking out? 

I'd rather have a loving family and a happy home then the perfect assembly 
of arrangements. I'm happy to be loved by a man who would lay down his life 
for me. I want to start a family based on the characteristics of Jesus Christ. If 
I don't start NOW, there will never be a "right" time to start.

"Feeling the security and constancy of love from a spouse, a parent, or a child is a rich blessing. 
Such love nurtures and sustains faith in God. Such love is a source of strength and casts out 
fear (see 1 John 4:18). Such love is the desire of every human soul.”

Keep Calm & Wait On

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's Winter?

In case you aren't in the loop, California hasn't really had a winter season.

Its basically been nothing but sunshine and blue skies.

People aren't staying inside avoiding the snow. They are heading out to beaches, having barbecues, and catching some rays at the pool. 

A few weeks ago Taylor &I decided we would join in on the anti-winter fun & head down to one of our favorite spots, Santa Monica.

We roller bladed down the board walk, laid on the beach, held hands on the pier, and enjoyed some delicious burgers at Pier Burger.

We had so much fun.

I love my Taylor & I can't wait to for our forever <3

So, I adore the melody of this song. However, the words are far too depressing for my liking.
So, I decided to to change some of the words and dedicate this to my MGs.
I love you all .

Keep Calm & Wait On