Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Pros: Jessica & Michael

The Pros ...

Is a new weekly segmant I am doing about girls who faithfully waited for their missionaries! Each week we will be able to hear from real girls who had their fairytales come true. I will have a tab on my page so you can keep up with and look back on each Pro Story.

Two years really does pass ladies and here is a love story to prove it:

Our Love Story: Michael and I met in kinda a funny way. We're basically high school sweethearts. I was finishing my sophomore year and he was finishing his junior year. But we first saw each other at my older sister's and his older brother's seminary graduation.  I didn't want to go to it, but felt like I should. Later I found out that he didn't want to go either but felt like he should too! Well I was sitting on a bench before it started, looking around for my grandma when I saw him. It was the usual "woaaahhh who's THAT?" kinda thing. And he SMILED AT ME. My heart went crazy. Through the entire graduation, I was trying so hard not to keep looking back at him like a creep. But I'd sneak glances ;) Only to see that he kept scooting down the bench and smiling at me:) So the graduation ended and everyone went back for refreshments. Then I saw him talking to an oh so popular jock and i thought "Well. There goes that. He's too cool for me. Too outta my league." And I hate to say it but I kinda forgot about him! Ha. Well the next week was yearbook day and I was telling my friend about this hot guy in my stake that I saw at the graduation. RIGHT when I was telling her, I saw him. Right. there. I never thought I'd see him ever again! I pointed him out to her and she said "Uhhhh Jess? I think he's talking to you...!" Sure enough, he was yelling at me to come over there! Shaking, I walked over to him and he said "I know I don't know you...but will you sign my yearbook?" Of course, I agreed! I wrote something stupid like "you're hot. let's hang" and put my number. haha. He put "You're in my stake! And really pretty:)" And he left his number. I died right then. After that, I kept seeing him everywhere and I was so intrigued by him and I wanted to get to know him! Later that day, he text me:) I was stupid and I was scared to go out with him at first because HELLO. Hot, almost senior guy! I was intimidated. He asked me out for about a month straight when finally he text me and said "Look. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I'm a good guy I promise! And...I'm a virgin!!" hahahaha so I finally decided that I probably should go out with him. So I agreed. I almost backed out right before he picked me up but I'm glad I didn't. We held hands the first date and it was the first time that I felt like my whole arm was on fire holding someone's hand. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the night:) He became my best friend instantly. We connected in ways I never thought possible. We went through basically the same tough things in high school and he understood me better than anyone I'd ever known. And come to find out, he told me he was looking for me EVERYwhere after the graduation. He said he asked around, looked on Facebook, etc. It was real cute:) He tells me that I'm an answer to his prayers, and he definitely has been to mine:) 

How long did we date before he left? We dated for about a year and a half!

Did you date or hard core wait? I definitely didn't hard core wait. I went on dates with other guys, because I really needed to find out for myself if he was that special one for me. I even kissed a couple other guys. I know. Most MGs would say that's awful. But it was helpful for me because I would have never known how much I hated kissing other guys if I hadn't have done it. Dating just made me realize how much I loved Michael and how amazing and unique he really is:)

How did you stay busy? I stayed busy by focusing on myself. I went to college, then went to cosmetology school, then ended up in esthetics. I focused on bettering myself for him. I focused on growing spiritually and in other ways as well. I spent a lot of time with a good friend, who was really good at cheering me up and making me laugh. He helped me a ton while Michael was gone. Again, we were STRICTLY friends. ;) But he was always there and helped me through it.

Best thing an MG can do? Focus on growing in lots of ways, especially spiritually. Live your life. Don't sit around like I did sometimes during the wait, and just sulk. I'm guilty of that and I wish I hadn't. YES it's OK to have days that you sulk and watch chick flicks and eat your weight in junk food. It's normal. But don't waste weeks or months being miserable. Get out and enjoy it. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured:)

Worst thing an MG can do? WORRYING. I did SO much of this and I seriously wished I hadn't. It made me miserable for SO LONG. I ALWAYS worried about how things would work out with my missionary. If we'd get married, if I'd meet someone else, if he wouldn't want me when he got back, if i'd get dear janed, If i'd dear john him, if i wasn't spiritually ready for him...the list goes on and on. I made myself sick a few times just worrying about everything. Trust in the Lord. Don't worry so much. He knows what He's doing. I know that's easier said than done, but seriously- pray to be ok with however things will work out. You'll be much happier that way.

Biggest piece of advice? Don't let anyone tell you how to wait. Don't let anyone tell you what's the right way or the wrong way to wait. It's bull crap most of the time. The wait is different for EVERYone. Some girls think it's a huge sin and you should go to Hell for dating while your boy is gone. Some think that dating is helpful and everyone should. But do what's best for YOU. Pray about how you should "wait". The Lord will never steer you wrong. And if you're doing what the Lord says you should do, you have nothing to worry about:) People can't tell you you're wrong, otherwise they're saying the Lord is wrong. Which is NEVER true. So don't worry about the haters. "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there's still going to be someone who hates peaches." People are always gonna hate. They're gonna find some reason to. Just don't listen to them.

What was it like when he came home? WELL. The day he came home- it started out absolutely horrible. His mom said his plane was coming early so I was rushed in getting ready and I felt like i looked horrible. And it was in January so there was snow and it was seriously bumper to bumper the ENTIRE way to the airport. I thought I was gonna die from anxiety. I thought I was gonna miss him coming down the escalator. When we finally got to the airport, we RAN all the way there. Only to find out that for the SECOND time in the history of the Salt Lake airport- they had to close it because of bad weather. Of course that'd happen on my day. He was descending to land and they went back up and had to fly into Montana. WHAT. We waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. We were at the airport waiting for 6 hours. They were saying he might not even get to come home that day. I was pretty devastated. There were so many false alarms. People getting off planes saying they saw missionaries on the plane. It was horrible. Finally, I was looking at his flight on the screen and I said a prayer. I told God I really couldn't do it anymore and to please help me. The SECOND after I said that prayer, It said his flight had landed! I about puked. We got all ready, standing at the bottom of the escalator for about the fourth time, and then there he was! I immediately started bawling and I couldn't believe he was right there. The wait became worth it in that second, and I'll NEVER forget the feelings I had when I saw him. It was the most amazing moment ever. I still get cold chills thinking about it and it was over 6 months ago. He hugged his family then came and gave me the longest hug. It was incredible. I never wanted to let go and I felt like I was gonna burst. Then we had to leave each other because we drove in separate cars and it was horrible :( haha. I was waiting for him to be released and I had to wait another 3 hours. That was agony too. Haha but finally his mom text me saying they were coming to get me and take me to their house!:) I was SO EXCITED. When I got to his house, I thought "he's actually in this house!" I'd been there a million times while he was gone, but now he was actually here again! We saw each other and hugged and we didn't let go the rest of the night! haha. It was amazing how normal it was. Totally normal. It felt like he hadn't even left and we picked up right where we left off. When his family went into the other room- he grabbed me and kissed me and I died. haha. It was MAGICAL. In every sense of the word. It felt so good and right to kiss him again. After he kissed me he said, "I wanted to do that the second I saw you." it was amazing:) Then we just spent the whole night talking and laughing, and kissing...;) I was with him till about one in the morning. My dad was super mad that I wasn't home but it was TOTALLY worth it;) haha. It felt amazing. One of the best nights of my life. Ever. It was a fairytale. 

What are you doing now? Well now we're engaged! He proposed 3 months after he came home. We're getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 23rd:) We're so excited to start our life together!

What was your favorite memory the two of you shared? Growing closer together, even though we were far apart. It's amazing how much closer we grew as a couple. Putting the Lord first, really does bring you together. :)

Thank you for sharing your story Jess :) You are such an example to me & I hope to get my happy ending like you did! Best of wishes to you and your hubby <3 p="">



Friday, July 19, 2013

My fellow mgs: You make this all worth it

"I love your blog you make being a missionaries girlfriend a ton easier :)"

- Abby Hyde

"I absolutely love your videos. With all the negative talk out there about girls who want to wait for a missionary, I wasn't sure if there were success stories. I'm so blessed to have found your blog. Thank you for everything, and please keep posting. I'm sure your blog is a refuge to many other girls as well."

-Jacqueline Varner

"Lets see... I read every single post. Can I just say... Umm... I don't even know you and I already adore you!! Is that too weird? I'm going to go with yes. But whatever I already said it. YES. I adore you and your story with Taylor!"

-Mica Cheney

"...there really isn't anyone here that's going through the same thing I am so your blog has really helped and brought comfort.."

-Rachel  Zlotnick

"Oh my goodness Carly, I totally just stalked your blog for like an hour! You are so cute!"

-Kinzie White

"I came across your blog and such and you're so cute! And so creative! I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice and such- you've helped so many people!"

-Kenzie Draper

"I was reading your blog about you and your missionary, and YES YES YES YES YES YES you go girl!! I'm in the exact position. Keep writing and keep trucking on because you are blessing so many girls with those posts! So inspiring. Your advice is GOLDEN. Keep it up!!!"

-Delaina Webly

"I just wanted to write you to tell you how much you've influenced me. Through the sis missionary page I read your blog, or just something you wrote...I can't remember how but it definitely has touched my life."

-Liz Johnson

These are just a few of the emails, messages, and comments that I have received over the last couple of months. Receiving these short simple thoughts has blessed my life. I never thought that starting this blog would lead to something wonderful. Hearing back from all you girls makes this wait so much more worth it. Its hard trying to be strong all the time and sometimes I can't be. Reading your sweet messages keeps me strong and ready to face this journey. I am thankful for all you ladies who have reached out to me and touch my life. YOU are the inspiration for this blog & I promise I'll keep posting for as long as I can.

keep calm & wait on 


your girl,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Craft of the Week: DIY Envelopes

I kind of get tired of sending my elder the same old envelopes.
So I decided it would be a good idea to look up some templates and make a bunch of cute envelopes to send him & my other friends on missions. Thank goodness my mom is a scrap book paper hoarder.

It's Letter Time:


Before we start, the most important thing you will need is a template. If you are like me, you can free hand. However, a lot of people prefer to trace templates and score their letter. I'll provide the template bellow each letter!
Most of my inspiration came from this gem: go give her blog a follow :)

This is the easiest letter to make, but I just love its simplicity. In case I haven't mentioned this before: I love when things are simple. I prefer daises over roses, picnics over fancy restaurants, and a dingy old truck over a Mercedes.


1. Fold in the side flaps, apply glue to the outside of each
2. Fold up the bottom flap and secure it to the side flaps
3. Insert letter, and glue the top flap down.

This one is fun because the template is in the shape of a heart! You might want to use a large sheet of paper when making this one because the letters turn out rather small.


This is my absolute favorite envelope! Mostly because its different than the normal envelopes we come in contact with every day. I absolutely adore how the flap is round and at the top! I did a lot different variations of this letter with a square flap and a design top. All the templates allow you to kind of put your own twist on them.


Make length & other design adjustments as necessary :) 

Hope You Enjoyed!

Remember if you use any of these ideas please email me pictures at:
So I can feature you on my blog!

Have a wonderful week ladies & remember

Keep Calm & Wait On



Friday, July 5, 2013

Was yesterday really the Fourth of July!?

I can't believe time is passing so quickly. It feels like just yesterday I was shaking my elder's hand goodbye. The Lord has truly blessed me with a distracting life. It's almost been 7 months. And it's already JULY! Like what!?

So the fourth is a pretty special day for Taylor and I. When we first started dating we were not official. And by the time it hit July we had been unofficially dating for about 3 months. At this time Taylor had gotten his tonsils out so we weren't allowed to kiss. So we would put our hand over the other persons mouth and kiss our hand ( I know we are lame). 

Anyway, we were pretty into each other. Lots of cheek kissing. Since Taylor was medicated he wasn't allowed to drive his truck and take me to our spot (this really cool mountain that over looks both our towns) to watch fireworks. He was SO upset.

His mom ended up driving us around town till Taylor decided on a spot. We picked a random street that over looked the city and we laid in the back of his truck together. Seriously one of my favorite memories. That was the night Taylor and I really knew we loved each other. This wasn't just a summer fling. We had fallen in love and we fell hard and fast. 

July 2011:

"Watching fireworks with the girl that makes fireworks go off every time I look at her" - Elder Taylor Kozak  
July 4, 2011

Can't believe it's been two years since that night. This year I celebrated with both of our families. It was great to be around all the people that love us and completely support us together. 

Never give up on what you know is right. The Lord will always provide a way. Stay faithful and stay strong. 

"And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage." -Mosiah 24:13

He always keeps his promises :)

Have a greet week ladies and remember:

Keep Calm and Wait On



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Craft of the Week: A Guessing Game

When I got my mission call to Santiago Chile, I kept it a huge secret from Taylor. He knew I had gotten my call, but I refused to tell him where and I scared every one else by threatening them if they told him. So for about two weeks after my call he had no idea where I was going to be serving. I kept it a secret because I had this super cute idea for a guessing game package. It includes balloons ;)

How to make it:


Write a letter that explains to him how the guessing game works ( Label the letter: READ BEFORE POPPING ). Explain to him that within each balloon is a clue and he has to pop the balloons in order from 1 to however many there are. You might want to tape a pin on the letter so he can use it to pop the balloons! :)


Create your clues on little slips of paper 


Get some balloons to blow up


Roll up each clue ( I used a Q-tip to hold my clue in place ). Then place the clue in one of the balloons. Make sure the clue is all the way inside the balloon to the round part. 


Blow up the balloon after you've placed the clue inside. Then write the corresponding number of the clue onto the balloon. 


Write two more notes the first should say: READ AFTER POPPING. This is where you reveal the surprise. Then a: READ LAST letter that talks a lot more about the news, why it's important, how he has helped you, etc. Tape those two envelopes to the bottom.


Place all the balloons inside the box! You may need a large box depending on how big you blow up your balloons. 

Then tape your: READ BEFORE POPPING letter to one of the front flaps.

And BINGO! That's the "A Guessing Game" package! Feel free to decorate it and if you use my ideas please email me pictures!

Keep Calm & Get Crafty