Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Reluctancy to Blog

My dearest apologies to my most prized possession (my missionary girlfriends).
I have abandoned you. Ignored my duties to you as an older sister and RM marrier.
I must admit being a new wife is really hard.
It comes with many responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc...
And I top of that I work part time and on top of that I am taking online classes.
LIFE IS HARD. But wonderful. I mean hello I married my RM.

I found that blogging has come to the very bottom of my list.
But today I decided it should be at the top.


Not that my life is interesting but I am starting a new blog!
Stay tuned for the link to it :)
I am really excited about this one.

Advice with Caa:

I still receive the most precious heart warming emails and messages.
You are all so cute and dear to my heart.
You each have a unique story, your own set of fears, goals, and expectations.
But you all love your elders. 
You are all so devoted.
So I decided to make a quick post to hopefully uplift you girls.

Hold onto those dear treasured memories. Keep holding onto those sweet kisses, those tender secrets, those special moments only you two experienced. Keep holding his hand throughout his mission. But do not hold onto the whole past. The past is something to be cherished; not lived in. Live in the now, in the emails, in the letters, in the packages, in the work. This is your new life and you embrace it. The best advice I can give you today is hold onto this time apart. Its so special. I often miss writing my missionary, sharing those baptisms with him, waiting every day at that mail box. My heart often drops each time I see a mailbox, because the anticipation of getting a letter from my love is long gone. So enjoy it. Cherish it. And make the best out of this mountain.

Love you all and I pray for you each night.

Keep Calm & Wait On

Carly Kozak