Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas With The Kozaks

This year Taylor and I decided we would divide the time evenly between our families.
Since my family is "complicated" we were running around everywhere it felt like haha.
But it was so much fun and so worth it being able to spend time with everyone.

Christmas morning and part of the evening we spent time with his family.
It was fantastic. I love being around all the madness the little kids bring, and just being able to laugh with them over nothing. I can't wait to be an official part of their family!

I couldn't help, but feel a special Christmas Spirit yesterday.
What a better way to remember the Savior than to spend time with the amazing people he has placed in your life.

Merry Christmas 

Keep Calm & Keep Christ in Christmas


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  1. Pretty girl! How did you get your blog so cute and the way you wanted it?!