Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Tis the Season

With Christmas coming up, I know you missionary girlfriends are cramming for last minute gifts for your missionaries. Trust me been there done that.

So I decided to compose a post of little gifts and crafts you can add to you Christmas package.

Season's Greetings Ladies-- Happy Waiting



Christmas Eve Kit

Missionary Ornament


Credit: Katie Mallard

Credit: Hayley Hardy

Credit: Aleigh Mellinger

Credit: Megan King

Credit: Kenzie Thornton

Credit: Ashlie Albrecht

Credit: Miranda Soria

Credit: Erica Wu

Credit: Natalie Klein

Credit: Desiree Moore

Keep Calm & Wait On

My missionary might be home, but there is no way I am leaving my girls behind :)
Shout out to all the MGs featured on here: thanks for your inspiration!

Love you all!
Keep Waiting.


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