Friday, January 3, 2014

Eight Minute Date You Just Might Hate

Behind the Scenes:


*Create your desired amount of missions 
*Be sure to include a task and a place


*Create 2 dares per mission: one for you and your date.
*Be sure to make the dares embarrassing, but not ego shattering.


*Cut out your dares and missions 
*Fold them all up
*Make sure to label your missions (if you want them done in order)
*Package your missions and dares into two separate baggies


Welcome to the Eight Minute Date You Just Might Hate. 

Here are the rules:

MISSIONS. There are (enter number) missions in the game. Each mission takes place in a different location (or not). Each mission must be completed in (desired amount of time, I said 15 minutes).
DARES. Eight minutes into the game an alarm will go off (be sure to remember to set an alarm). Each of you must stop whatever you are doing and reach into the dare bag. Read your dare out loud and complete it. YOU MUST COMPLETE IT.
*REMEMBER* Have fun and be a little adventurous. 


If you are a missionary girlfriend and don't have a boy to take on this date, take a best friend. And remember to:

Keep Calm & Wait On

he will be home soon :)


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