Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Engagements

Taylor and I were privileged to have our engagements taken by one of our dearest friends Nicolette Deluca. She has 
taken my pictures for numerous things in the past and always surprises me with the quality of work she creates. I feel so 
comfortable around her and I recommend her for any one in the Southern California area looking for a photographer. 

Perhaps I'll make a post with other pictures she has taken for Taylor and I...

But enough about Nic: look at this handsome man I am marrying!
I have spent years dreaming over the day we got to take our engagements:
Where it would happen. What we would wear. How it would feel. 
It was perfect. 
I am so smitten with the idea that I get to have this man for eternity. 
I love you & you love me "with all our perfect imperfections"

Ladies one day this will be you, trust me it sneaks up on ya. It happens, you live THIS moment. And then its gone. 
So when the weight of loneliness or uncertainty crashes down on you


Keep Calm & Wait On


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  1. If you don't mind me asking how did he propose?