Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Package Ideas

Keep Calm & Wait On: Birthday Packages from Carly Upton on Vimeo.

Mug Directions!
I used one mug instead of two :)

More to find on Pinterest!


Hailey Devine's Birthday Video:

Happy Birthday Bradley! from Hailey Haugen Devine on Vimeo.

Hope this weeks video was helpful!
Please let me know if you use any of my ideas :)
If you have more ideas please share them with us in a comment! Or message me and I will post your idea on my blog.

Have a wonderful week and remember:


xoxo Caa


  1. Carly, this is Pamela Macdonald...we go to the same ward:) you may or may not know me because I don't think we've officially met, but perhaps you've seen me around with my little baby running everywhere :) ANYWAY, I was called to YW to bee the Beehive counselor after you left, and I am
    so sad I didn't get to know you better! I stumbled across your blog through some of the girls, and I just had to write you!
    First off, I'm a convert too and so I can't tell you how incredibly proud I am of you and amazed at the growth you've shown since being baptized! My husband and I hear your testimonies at church and just feel so happy for you, you show exactly what it means to live as a latter-day Saint! And I'm so excited you're going on a mission, that is so amazing!!
    To hopefully help you, my husband and I met about (literally) a week before he left on his mission! I was in high school and I waited for him. I could write the whole story, but to save some time, I just wanted to give you encouragement and let you know you can do it. Scott and I have been together almost 12 years now, we got married in 2009, I got baptized and he baptized me shortly after our wedding, and we were sealed in 2010!! Blessings come and life is beautiful when you have faith and strive to do what's right. So keep going, girly! :)
    Anyway, so so sorry for the super long comment! Just had to finally write you and I really need to come up to you in church and say hi! If you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here:) oh! And we have a little family blog too where I've talked about my conversion on my profile, etc! If you ever wanna visit it's :)
    You're an inspiration!! Hugs to you!

  2. Hi Sister Macdonald! Thank you so much for commenting and leaving your story on my blog. I really appreciate it and it does help a lot :)You are awesome! And thank you so much for your support! Please say hello!!!!! And oh my goodness your blog is adorable :)

    Hugs to you too!

  3. Ok this is super helpful and I love the video idea but how would I go about editing it and what not?

    1. If you have a windows there is program called Windows Movie Maker that comes with your computer...or at least it came with mine haha. But I am sure you can find some good video editing software for free. I'll ask in my next video and hopefully someone will know :)

  4. Elisabeth PackhamAugust 5, 2014 at 3:10 PM

    I am from AZ as well! I live in Mesa, and my elder left this morning to Montreal Canada. Theses are some way cute ideas!