Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Change & Challenges

Sometimes life throws curve balls at us. I believe God tests us so He can see if we are worthy of the blessings He has in store. We each face different challenges as individuals and as couples. I believe the route of all challenges is:


It can be a scary word, but it is necessary to progress. Though life is constantly changing, my love for Taylor is constantly growing. No matter where life takes us I know we have a love founded on Christ and a love that can endure life's change & challenges.

Please watch THIS VIDEO


  1. You are sucha inspiration I hope the best for you in your mission :)

  2. That video was so wonderful. I have a degenerative muscle disease and it gives me so much hope. It makes me remember days when I'm too sick to walk and my sweet boy would carry me around my apartment. Thank you so much for sharing.