Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Pros: Tia & Michael Wray

I just love how real this girl is. I can't tell you how amazing their story is. When you know you found the right one, there is no reason not to start your fairytale!

Our love story: We met at EFY in Rexburg when we were 16. We became really good friends throughout the week, talking and flirting all the time. He was  AMAZING, and it was beautiful to hear his testimony all the time. I didn't know any 16 year old boy could be like that. On Friday night, there was a dance, and the second to last song that played was You and Me by Lifehouse. I don't even think he asked me to dance, we just kind of gravitated toward each other and then...were dancing. We didn't talk at all, we just stared at each other, straight in the eyes. For 16 year olds at an EFY dance, this was a big deal, because usually it's this whole awkward avoid each other's eyes and try to make awkward conversation thing. I remember thinking and I wrote in my journal that this was something different, and I wasn't going to let it go. I went home and told everybody that I'd met my living list (you know, the lists you make of all the qualities in the person you want to marry. 

We started e-mailing and then he started calling me every Sunday and then he started calling me every day (I didn't have texting, so we called ALL the time). 9 months after EFY, I saw him for the second time when he flew to Idaho to take me to my junior prom. It was the most perfect weekend. Then we just kept up the calling and the flying back and forth. We were best friends. I don't know how I would have made it through high school without him. 

After a HORRID two years (so complicated, I'll explain in the dating question), he came home. We both knew we still loved each other, but we didn't know if or how it could work. He called me at 10:00pm the day after he got home and we talked til 5:00am. He told me that I had to make a choice (I had dated other people) and I basically said I want to marry you. He came to see me a week later and we kissed and danced and knew it was stupid to even think that we were going to fit into some "supposed to" ideas of how love is supposed to work. Two weeks later, he moved to Rexburg, two weeks later we knew we were getting married and two weeks after that, we were engaged. We were married before he'd been home 3 months. We danced to You and Me at our wedding. 

How long were you dating before he left: 2 1/2 years - all long distance
Did you date or hard core wait: UGH. I dated. I still can't decide whether or not I regret that. He wrote me off 4 months in, so I got scared, but then he basically said just kidding, so we started writing again, but after that, I was never secure about anything. There was a boy who bought me ice cream and sent me flowers and was a handsome RM, so we dated. It just didn't work. We broke up, knowing there was someone better. We're both married now. THEN I met another boy who I thought was a lot like Michael, so I was attracted to him, so we dated, and then....some not healthy relationship things happened and I just didn't know how to get out of it. I FINALLY broke up with him about a month before Michael got home. Nobody really knows why I couldn't get out of the relationship, so they all thought I was a terrible person for getting married so quickly after that break up. Anyway, I knew Michael was the one because he was different from anybody else. He and I centered our relationship on Jesus Christ, and that was something that I couldn't seem to do as well with anybody else.

How did you stay busy: SCHOOL. I went to school year round. It was SO hard, but I put my everything into it, and this semester I graduated in the top 1 percent of the graduating class at BYU-Idaho. Worth it. 

Best thing an mg can do: Put Christ first. His plan for you might be different than you expect, but it will always be the BEST. 

Worst thing an mg can do: Stop praying. DON'T stop praying! 

Biggest piece of advice: Endure well. That's what I basically did. I endured. I could have done it better, but I did it, and then it FINALLY became A MILLION times better when he got home. I know it seems like he's not real and like he's never coming home and like you'll maybe never be truly completely happy again or even feel complete again, but endure well, and...Michael and I like to say to each other "Christ will take us to forever."

What was it like when he came home: I already told some of that story about figuring things out over the phone. He has a brother who has never loved me, but kindly took me to the airport (the brother and I are both at BYUI and Michael flew up to visit us). I was so nervous I could have puked. I looked fantastic. He came out and I hugged him. It was soooo unreal. We cuddled that night and then kissed the next day. 

One hard thing, though, was that everyone else threw a fit that it was too fast and Michael never dated anyone else and I wasn't ready to move on after my last relationship and all this crap. It was like we KNEW with every ounce of our souls that the Spirit was absolutely confirming our decision to get married, but Satan was attacking us. My mom told us as soon as we said we were getting married (after she had prayed) "I just feel like I should tell you, I know this is a good thing, and so I know that Satan is going to try to do everything he can to stop it." It was heart-breaking that the attacking came from family (his side). But we had a super short engagement and MARRIAGE IS SO THE WAY TO GO. 

What are you doing now: We're married. It's fantastic. Jump on that bandwagon as soon as God says so. I just graduated from BYU-Idaho and we're moving to Provo for him to finish school at BYU. We're not starting a family quite yet, but I can't wait to have his babies! He is the best thing that ever existed (to me). 
Looking back what was your favorite memory you two shared while he was gone: In one area, the ward mission leader gave him a pearl as a symbol of friendship and love and it meant a lot to him, and he sent it to me to keep until he got home. It was just a really precious thing and I remember crying a lot of happy tears when he sent it to me. 

Tia thank you so much for your inspiration! 
You're amazing and such an example to me.

Best of wishes to you and your sweetheart.



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  1. I'm so glad that everything ended up well for you(: