Thursday, June 27, 2013

Merry Half Christmas

So I know I'm still weird for celebrating random holidays, but June 25th was Half Christmas. Like my favorite half holiday ever haha. Taylor and I started celebrating it two years ago when we went caroling at Taco Bell in Santa hats. Priceless. We had only been casually dating for a few months and that night I knew he was my best friend. So we made a non official vow to celebrate it every year! So I had to celebrate this year with out him :(

My day:

It was absolutely the most perfect Christmas I will have until I come home :) We decorated cookies, dressed in ugly sweaters, and went half caroling! A special thank you to my best friend Hunter for celebrating with me! I'm definitely makin this a tradition in my family! So fun!

Taylor's Package:

I sent him and his companion a nice little goodie bag for Half Christmas :) it contained mini hand held fans and hand sanitizer (iron man & starwars brand of course). 

Then I gave Taylor a seperate larger bag to open that contained this cute little teddy bear I found at the dollar tree. Yes THE DOLLAR TREE. In fact I found all my gifta for this package at the dollar tree. Seriously the best place in the world. I also gave him a mini New Testament and some foot deodorizer haha. 

Can't believe it's already been 6 months! I feel so lucky to have been blessed as much as I have since Taylor's been gone. The Lord is mindful of each of us ladies. Trust Him :)



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