Tuesday, June 25, 2013

National Pink Day

So again, my elder and I are kind of silly and like to celebrate random days of the year.
So Sunday was National Pink Day and I went all out.

From baby pink nails, hot pink rings, magenta skirt, light pink top and a breast cancer awareness pin; I could of auditioned for the next Legally Blonde. Oh and my notepad was pink.

Dear Elder Kozak,

We really missed him, but we still had to celebrate! Taylor's mom, me, and Taylor's brother. 
Happy National Pink Day T! Miss you and hope your having fun out there serving the Lord!!! :)


While Taylor has been away, I've learned a very valuable lesson: You don't have to be sad when things are hard. Its okay to enjoy yourself and make memories while your elder is away. What are you going to be talking about when he gets home if you didn't do anything while he was gone?

Keep you head up & keep celebrating.

Every day is a day closer to when you get to see your elder, what's not to celebrate!

Keep calm and wait on


A lady in pink

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