Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Craft of the Week: A Guessing Game

When I got my mission call to Santiago Chile, I kept it a huge secret from Taylor. He knew I had gotten my call, but I refused to tell him where and I scared every one else by threatening them if they told him. So for about two weeks after my call he had no idea where I was going to be serving. I kept it a secret because I had this super cute idea for a guessing game package. It includes balloons ;)

How to make it:


Write a letter that explains to him how the guessing game works ( Label the letter: READ BEFORE POPPING ). Explain to him that within each balloon is a clue and he has to pop the balloons in order from 1 to however many there are. You might want to tape a pin on the letter so he can use it to pop the balloons! :)


Create your clues on little slips of paper 


Get some balloons to blow up


Roll up each clue ( I used a Q-tip to hold my clue in place ). Then place the clue in one of the balloons. Make sure the clue is all the way inside the balloon to the round part. 


Blow up the balloon after you've placed the clue inside. Then write the corresponding number of the clue onto the balloon. 


Write two more notes the first should say: READ AFTER POPPING. This is where you reveal the surprise. Then a: READ LAST letter that talks a lot more about the news, why it's important, how he has helped you, etc. Tape those two envelopes to the bottom.


Place all the balloons inside the box! You may need a large box depending on how big you blow up your balloons. 

Then tape your: READ BEFORE POPPING letter to one of the front flaps.

And BINGO! That's the "A Guessing Game" package! Feel free to decorate it and if you use my ideas please email me pictures!

Keep Calm & Get Crafty



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